Monday, 29 July 2013


I have come across a new game, its called Dreadball.  It is made by Mantic games, designed by an ex-Games Workshop bod (back when they were better!) called Jake Thornton, and was introduced to me by Laurent Blom, a man for whom defeat comes every Tuesday like clockwork ;-).  I played a couple of introduction games with Laurent a month or so ago at the RGMB, and enjoyed it so much I went home and ordered it!  This marked the first time in several years that I have purchased any form of fantasy model or game, having moved almost completely over to historical gaming.  I won’t bang on about what the game is or how it works, its good stuff and Mantic have provided a website and all sorts of stuff for that:

Instead I’ll introduce my Dreadball team.  Having played a few games and used humans, orx (or rather orcs) & goblins, and veer-myn (ratmen) I’ve decided to throw my lot in initially with the humans.  They seem to be more of a balanced offering, and attract me in terms of the models more than the others.  Joining me and Laurent in this venture so far is Luke, who has bought a void sirens team (female humans) while Chris Fazey has purchased an Orx and goblin side.   The Deeside Defenders also appear to have already around 4-5 players just waiting to bubble to the surface, including Pete and Paddy.  On to the team then, and dropping into character…….

The Azzurri

The star league side The Azzurri has recently moved from their humble living accommodation in the lower Eytie industrial belt, to a new base in the more northern olive capital of Ostia.  Known to their supporters as ‘The Hawks’, and to their rivals and creditors as ‘Nancy Boys’, the players of the Azzurri are primarily of proto-Italian descent, having worked their way up from the pasta sweat shops leagues of lower Eytie to the semi-pro divisions of the bolognaise magnates, and now are looking to make it big by turning pro and challenging the rich boys.

Their club owner is a mysterious individual of which little is known but much is rumoured, and is simply called Tiberius by his friends and team.  There is little record of his existence beyond 6 years ago, and he himself attributes his wealth to “a bit of adventuring”.  He is an eccentric who refuses to allow any none-Eytie affiliated players to turn out for his side, and as such has amassed a close knit team of players.
The Strikers: Batistuta, Ronaldo, Montella
The Jacks: Zanetti, Salas, Zamorano
The Guards: Pagliuca, Bergomi

The First Games of The Azzurri

On the 16th of July this new team even turned out for a couple of games at the RGMB, firstly taking on Laurent Blom and his Forge Fathers side and running out victorious, winning 4-0 in a very close encounter in which we countered each others scoring throughout, and a 4pt strike by one of my key men; Ronaldo, won it for me on turn 13.  I then had a much shorter matchup against Chris Fazey and his Orx side, whose weird and wonderful name I will have to find out!  The orx and goblins deployed a bit too far forward, and although it would help them in their following match against Laurents stunties, it didn’t assist them against my side who won on turn 3 following two 4pt strikes!  Ronaldo again was key and he’s gained enough experience to increase his skill level to 3+.

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