Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A Blog you say?

Now I've tried a blog before and got lost in the technical workings of it, and then bored by the length of time it took to load and the lack of 'user friendly' aspects. This one seems more user friendly so we'll see how it goes; blog one - something of everything.........

The End of Leningrad: The battle for Leningrad (or battle for the town of Novgorod as it turned out) is over, and the Axis forces lost by a whisker. The whole sorry tale of how the Germans needed Italian and Finnish assistance to save them from an embarrising defeat is told here: so I need not go over it again (and sink back into depression!). It is lacking some colour though so heres a few pictures of the participants (although none of the Finns due to a lack of paint, and none of the Brits due to a lack of camera on the day):

The Eyties tanks.

German Hanomags menace some Soviet infantry.

The Soviet CO looking (justifiably) smug.

The Next Project: The question is which wargame to concentrate on now. There is a possiblity of a battle for Flames of War and Kursk on the horizon, but that is not until September. My English Civil War Royalists remain bereft of cavalry due to a technical issue (they won't stay stuck to the horses!), and few in number. Warhammer has also fallen by the wayside with my Bretonnians in a need of a severe repaint so it is down to 40k and Bloodbowl once more.

Lack of opponents may kill of Bloodbowl as a long term strategy, although we are in need of a good tournament (maybe I'll actually get beyond the quarter finals this time?!?).

So 40k it is. And with it comes a slight difficulty - my army of choice is Imperial Guard, and GW recently chose to release a new codex which was greeted with aclaim from most, and tears from the Space Marines. I'm a big fan, however the battle for Leningrad started soon after the book appeared and I have no clue on how to play with this 'new guard'. Some trial and error will have to be undertaken in the next few weeks which I'll try and get round to reporting on.

Scenery: Today I've put the finishing painted touches to a couple of bits of club scenery; one bridge suitable for 40k and warmachine, and one Perry Miniatures ACW hut, which will do ok for 40k, Wild West and warmachine, but won't quite fit into the warhammer image. The Leman Russ, Foundry cowboy and Necromunda ganger give an impression of size.

Still waiting on the 40mm round bases and remaining hills to arrive so that I can complete the 75 trees
and four hills for the club.
And in the real world: It seems my amazing garage will be shortlived. Our landlords would rather sell the house than rent it, and for a far lower price than it should go for. Sadly we join the hordes of people that will struggle to ever get a deposit together, and another move sounds iminent (and expensive). A huge 40k game may have to be organised sooner rather than later to take advantage of the 12ft by 6ft space I will soon lose.
On the jobs front I'm clearly in the wrong industry to make any money(which is stunting the growth of my panzer divisions)! Will have to look into that......