Wednesday, 10 July 2013

English Civil War: The Relief of Hawarden – The Modelling Eye-Candy (Part 3 of 3)

While my photos were primarily trying to take in the sweeping vistas of the table, the combats and key moments, Luke focused on some of the smaller pictures, capturing some of the models and individual actions.  I've picked out some of them and posted them below in this 3rd and final part.  Of particular note are the pictures of Hawarden Castle, I think capturing the dour oppressive feeling of the original.  Sadly (or perhaps fortunately) I didn't think to take a photo of all the players together on this occasion, but there's always next time……

Dave discussing the table and scenario with one of the Gauntlet organisers; Len.
The whole table from Holt/Farndon upwards.
The village of Pulford.
Aidans troops massing before the walls of Hawarden Castle.
Better shot of the castle and its defenders.
And its gateway.
Michaels roundheads about to begin besieging Holt Castle, or heading towards Hawarden.

More of Michaels troops, this time the yellow-coated defenders of Farndon.
Aidan's horse advancing from the shadow of Hawarden Castle in march column.
Aidans foote.
The Royalists flooding out of Chester, with my horse and foote in the lead.
One of my fooote regiments - Talbot's.
Looking south towards Holt Castle. 
The build up of troops around the crossroads beginning.
Aidans dragoons at the crossroads being fired upon by my musketeers.
The roundheads taking the fight over the road late on.
Michaels nicely painted dragoons.
The leading powder cart passing Eaton Hall.
Nice shot of the Royalist horse breaking into the open.
The battlefield at the height of the fighting, with Dave (standing) and Michael watching.
The horse fighting.  The tombstones were the casualty markers, with the smoke the disorder markers.
The Roundheads on the front foot, and the Royalists coming unravelled.

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