Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Ricks Great English Civil War Painting Quest - Part 3

Time for a Royalist update, and I made a slight error – I kept buying and building more troops that I wanted to use for the Gauntlet ‘Relief of Hawarden’ game!  Limbers, storming parties, extra men for dragoon units etc….  However, despite this, and with less than a week to go until the Deeside gaming show, I have nearly finished! 

The primary chunk of painting to be done in June was the dragoons; 19 men on foot, and a further 12 to represent the two units on horseback.  This was the third main chunk after my foote (April) and horse (May), and I added a few additional models to it in the form of a bunch of civilians and animals which I had picked up at Triples.  I was pleasantly surprised when I succeeded in finished (paint, dip, flock, varnish, even flags!) 50 models in total by the middle of the month!  The dragoons were included, along with the civilians, an officer, and even an unrelated bunch of 4 hearthguard for my Saga welsh – to give some variety to the job.  I also made and painted the additional warhammer fortress gatehouse needed for the scenario.

I had only one unit which specifically needed doing in the rest of the month, and that was the second ox and powder cart (to make up the third supply unit needed for the scenario), and I tagged along with this my artillery limber for my saker so it could keep up with my foote, a Warlord Games storming party and some chickens(!). 

The storming party presented a challenge in terms of basing because I quite liked the idea of it being a skirmishing unit, but recognised the opposition might want it to be a formed up one, so I based the models on 25mm circular bases which could then slot onto the warbases movement tray I had bought at Triples.  Some spare renegade musketeers and pikemen made up the numbers, and the petard crew were based separately on a bigger round base.  It all looks fairly good (I think).  I also did something completely new in making a couple of fortifications for my artillery to reside behind.  These were based on plasticard, have resin gabions at each side with a balsa wood parapet, and the surrounding earth was built up using wood-filler (as recommended by Dennis from Deeside Defenders) on top of a balsa wood platform to give it height.  Its very much an experiment, and it’ll either go well, or fall apart – 50/50!

The current situation; I’ve finished painting everything!  They are now sitting to one side waiting for my 8 Saga horsemen to be finished (who are only short their shields now), then they will be Dipped etc, and the entire project will be finished.  And to celebrate (prematurely) I’ve taken a few pictures.  Particularly prematurely because my Dip has gone solid and run out!  Trip to the shop I think.

The whole bally army.

Sir Henry Buxton's baggage division and all-sorted civilians next to Sir Hugh of Beeston's foote battalia. 

Lord Flashearts foote battalia behind an, as yet unnamed, grouping of senior officers.

Sir Peter Wolfes horse battalia, inclusive of 4 horse regiments and the mounted/dismounted dragoons.

Closer look at Sir Buxton's baggage bunch.

The civilians.

Commander of one of the two dragoon regiments.

The senior officers.


  1. These look really good Rick, should look fantastic at Gauntlet.



  2. Especially when they are almost the smallest army that will be there...