Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Work In Progress....June 2013

June has been a good month for getting things done; I started with the end of my English Civil War project appearing on the horizon, and inside the first 15 days of the month I had completed 51 models!  The dragoons, foot and mounted, were first to roll off the painting table, followed swiftly by a bunch of civilians (pregnant vampires, baby-holding women, dogs and goats presiding).  I even got the additional warhammer gatehouse out and made, sprayed and painted that as well – that was a slightly tricky project because I had to use a different shade of gray from the rest of the castle, so it does look lighter but I think it blends in well overall.  The last of the 51 models (the gatehouse being classed as ‘1’) were the 4 welsh hearthguard, complete with their red shields and cloaks. 

Dipping Issues

I did come across a problem when ‘dipping’ them however, in that for the first time my tin of dip had developed a skin across the top.  I consulted my oracle in dipping; Luke, who informed me that his first can went like that and the best option was to store it upside down.  Unfortunately the crusting varnish around the edges of my lid made this impractical so upright it had to stay.  The consistency of the dip varnish had also changed, becoming thicker and more gooey.  It wasn’t great to work with but I managed to finish the 51 models with it, and they looked a similar quality to the others.

Modelling Begins After Football Management….

After my initial burst I had a period of inaction, with bits of gaming, social calls and a purchase of Football Manager 2012 to blame, before I resumed my efforts.  My Redoubt Enterprises order had arrived surprisingly quickly; only a 2 week wait, and I used the bits to make a limber for my Royalist Saker – adding a dog and a Perry Miniatures officer to the base to get a more impressive effect – as well as finishing making the third supply unit needed for the scenario, and the storming party.  I also made 2 cannon fortifications, based some chickens and made 8 welsh warriors on horseback for my Saga warband using a wargames factory ancient Germanic boxed set – small horses = ponys!  I committed myself to painting them with the enthusiasm provided by previous successes, and finished the paintjob on the 30th of June. 

The Dip is dead, long live The Dip!

Sadly at this point I discovered my dip had indeed turned to nasty solid gloop, and into the bin it went while I wandered off to 4th Planet Games in Wrexham to buy another Army Painter Quickshade – Strong Tone for £17.99.  The models, all 32 of them, were dipped this morning, in a process that fully highlighted how gooey my old dip had become, and await flocking on Thursday night before spraying in time for Gauntlet on Sunday.

What Now?

Damned if I know.  I’ve been painting Royalists for the best part of three months, with just a few Welsh breaking up the monotony, and now they are ALL finished!  Bugger me.  Well, there are a few more things that are awaiting a coat or two of paint, starting with my 6mm ACW which are still in their boxes while Andy’s are holding dress parades!  Then there is the teams from the Dreadball game which finally arrived today (just the 1 months wait that was), not sure if I can morally paint an orc though, even if its called an ‘Orx’.  Finally I’m reading “Lancaster and York, The Wars of the Roses” by Alison Weir, so maybe I’ll paint a few of those if I can bring myself to do any more 28mm models.  The 28mm Napoleonic French and the rest of the Saga welsh are bumped down to the bottom of the pile.

Just time for a mention of the scores on the doors, don’t think I’ll make 400+, but 300 should be do-able, the second part of June (the 32) isn’t included because its not finished yet:

Painted: 256
Purchased:  441

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