Monday, 9 March 2015

Dreadball Season 2014-15: Round 3 Results

Buccaneers Put Maniacs To The Sword

The highly anticipated meeting between the Carbis Bay Buccaneers and the Mythos Maniacs ended with Buccaneer fans streaming away from both stadiums with all the points in the bag for the seasiders.  Both had approached this meeting of two of the top teams with trepidation; Carbis Bay had been defeated with consummate ease by the Mythos Maniacs at the 2014 one-day tournament, the Nameless side ended the game with a 7-0 whitewash and going on to be crowned champions.  However this time around they had struggled against Corporation sides.  With the Buccaneers’ at home for the first leg the Buccaneers were able to settle quickly and raced into a 6-0 lead courtesy of striker ‘Mad Jack’ Dalhgren.  Within a point of defeat after only a few minutes play the Maniacs turned aggressive, with their ‘sticky’ and ‘hitty’ guards tag teaming the human strikers.  Both Mad Jack and star man Dirk Pitt were lucky to be taken out for just the 3 turns.  Hector Barbossa wasn’t as lucky and left the stadium early in a vehicle with many flashing lights.

With the Corporation strike threat neutralised the Nameless side used bloodbowl tactics to defend their possession of the ball, before moving up late on to swat guard Al Giordino out of the way and score a 4pt strike.  They had waited too long however, and Dirk Pitt reappeared from the dug outs after his brush with the magic sponge.  Sprinting to the half way line he snatched up the ball and hammered it home in the unprotected away sides 4pt strike hex.  The Manics grabbed another 3pt strike to reduce the deficit to 3-0, but Pitt was not to be denied; Mad Jack making his return to the pitch setting him up to sink another 4pt strike and win the match 7-0.  Despite this drama the home fans seemed unenthusiastic, with the away side claiming the most fan cheers (4 to 3) and ‘Terror’ being voted Man of the Match.

The return leg at the mysterious home of the Mythos Maniacs saw a much closer game that was only to be decided by the final throw of the dice.  The Buccaneers had clearly learnt a few tricks from the first match as their guard Admiral Sandecker instantly flattened the Maniacs star striker, leaving him in need of an undertakers services.  He repeated the trick minutes later on a second striker, leaving this one unconscious for several turns.  The Corporation side, expecting another bout of violence from the heavy hitters on the opposition side, had chosen to rest their own star player Dirk Pitt at the beginning of the match, and it was left to Buccaneers striker Hector Barbossa to open the scoring with a 2pt strike.  ‘Mad Jack’ seized upon a dropped throw by the opposition to score a 3pt strike, before the Nameless team pegged them back, holding the score down to 1-0 to Carbis Bay.

With time ticking down Barbossa squandered a fabulous chance of making a 3pt strike which would have made it 4-0 and game over.  The Maniacs, throwing caution to the wind, put everything into a last play.  Crunching slams eliminated Buccaneers jack Rudi Gunn for 2 turns, and then put guard Al Giordino in hospital before a Nameless striker stepped up to the plate to sink a big 4pt strike.  With the score now at 3-0 to the Maniacs there was only injury time left for the Buccaneers to respond, and respond they did with ‘Mad Jack’ Dalhgren making the 4pt strike needed for the Corporation side to win the game 1-0 and take the 2 league points.  The fans clearly appreciated what they had witnessed, with a concussed Rudi Gunn voted Man of the Match (his 3rd such award this season) as the Buccaneers gained 7 fan cheers to the home sides 6.

Tables at the end of Round 3

Division 1:

Carbis Bay Buccaneers
Hawarden Heartbreakers
Dave Mc
Plague Bearers
Dwarf VIII

Division 2:

Mythos Maniacs
Skaven Foundation
Hollywood Allstars
Iron Giants
Deff to Humanz

Round 4 Fixtures:

Mythos Maniacs (Adrian) Vs. Unknown (Pete)
Unknown (Dave) Vs. Carbis Bay Bucaneers (Rick)
Unknown (Dafydd) Vs. Hawarden Heartbreakers (Paddy)
Hollywood All-Stars (Andy) Vs Skaven Foundation (Ian)
Deff To Humanz (James) Vs. Iron Giants (Tom)
Plague Bearers (Mark) Vs. Dwarf VIII (Simon)

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Work (Baby?) In Progress.......February 2015

February ends and this will be a much shorter WIP piece than last month, partly because I haven’t the time (something is stirring….), and partly because I’ve simply worked on the same project and have nothing more interesting to say!

The project of choice was my 15mm late war British armoured company; kitted out for a campaign in the hedgerows of Normandy but with the flexibility to fight Market Garden and beyond.  It was going quite well too, and then THIS turned up:


That was a shock.

One and a half weeks early; one Jessica Kate took a mere five and three quarter hours to arrive making a mockery once more of projected labour times.  Since the 22nd of February she has curtailed most other activities apart from feeding and changing, although 1-2 wakeup calls every night isn’t as bad as her big brother was.  Either that or I’m in denial.

Back onto the models, and with a projected baby arrival date of the 5th of March I was hastening to get as many of my British done before nappies stopped play.  I partially succeeded; the paint was dry upon 9 bases of British infantry, 6 universal carriers and 12 Shermans, as well as a single trial US Paratrooper base.  The flock on the infantry and carriers was applied one evening after Jessica arrived, and I’m gradually adding the decals to the Shermans.  I’m still unsure what decals to use on the carriers, and I may have to seek a bit of historical advice on that because the internet has failed to provide a definitive answer.  Nothing is ‘finished’ as yet because the weather is not suitable for spraying the matt varnish on.

Puchased Vs Painted remains the same, one good day with a varnish can will change that:
Purchased: 57
Refreshed: 9
Painted: 21

My ECW, under the command of the Bio-Titan, once more marching and counter marching across the table.

Post-flock picture; I'll take better ones when they are done fully.

Shermans, pre-decals.