Saturday, 10 August 2013

Work In Progress….July 2013

It’s a bit late for a July work in progress, but I’ve just realised I haven’t done one.  Too busy being distracted by a number of things (birthdays, work, unsuccessful job applications etc) to get my act together.  So onto a brief recap of the month;

Gauntlet has been and gone, and with it my English Civil War army which is now fully painted, and sitting in a set of foam trays upstairs desperately begging to be used again, something which hopefully won’t take too long.  Playing time has been split between a number of games, and I’ve had a bash at Saga with my Welsh, American Civil War with Will’s fantastic 20mm plastics, and Dreadball, as well as losing a Deeside league game of Bloodbowl.  Having finished the Royalists I decided to start painting a few of the 6mm American Civil War, and was pleasantly surprised in that not only did they look ok, they also painted up fairly swiftly.  I couldn’t decide, however, how to base them, apart from sticking them to 2mm thick MDF bases from Warbases.  After wandering in and out of the garage indecisively looking for a colour of flock I simply didn’t have I placed an order with Baccus for theirs, and a bag of their fine sand, and await the arrival of it. 

In terms of numbers for my painted ratio I am counting the strips of 4 infantry or 3 cavalry as 1 figure (to make the comparison to 28mm painting time etc).  I have now painted and stuck to their bases a total  of 36 strips of infantry, and 8 cavalry, and I’m working on another 14 strips at the moment.  They are sadly unfinished until I get the basing materials and add the varnish and flags!  They do make up a total of 3 infantry regiments (with 1 and 2 cannon on the painting table) and 2 cavalry troops however.  I have also painted up 4 members of my Dreadball team, having plumbed for a light blue colour for the strip, and gone with using the army painter dip system again.  It makes them a bit darker, but they look fine.

Scores on the doors time, and the last 32 from June are included because they weren’t last time out, plus the 4 Dreadball players and the referee.  The 6mm ACW will have to wait:

Painted: 293

Purchased:  441

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