Thursday, 18 February 2016

Olde Englande - Scenery Project - Part 1

I've finished the first few sections so I thought I would post a couple of pictures with some handy 28mm models to show the scale/size of the pieces.  The top picture shows the new bits,  with the white walled hay field a test piece on Hardboard which has warped slightly. The rest are based on ply hardwood.  The building is an old one which I've revamped to fit in the the rest of the new stuff, and I did the same with the butter cross building and the two ponds. I'm particularly pleased with the hedgerow around the ploughed field, although I do have concerns that if it's not stored correctly it was disintegrate quickly.

Next up I've already some wood cut to base some more hay fields and a walled Orchard, and I'm going to try to make the sarissa windmill. The overall look on the gaming mat isn't quite as good as I hoped for, and I think this is partially to do with the small space I used, I'm also thinking of reflocking the roads to blend in better.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Olde Englande - A Terrain Project

I don't get out much these days, at least not without small children in tow, and almost all extracurricular activities have been cancelled with the exception of 5 a side on a Sunday evening. It's lucky I really like playing football or losing every week would be upsetting, but it's not its really enjoyable. Back on subject and I don't get to wargame, no, not at all.  But I did get a wars of the roses novel at Christmas and it inspired me enough to look on the Internet for wars of the roses battle reports, and in doing so I came across the blog of a chat with the most remarkable scenery building skills, and he has inspired me to plagiarise his work.

So here we are - attempting to create a mostly rural English  (or welsh) set of terrain to cover the period between around 1200 and 1700 in 28mm scale so I can use it for wars of the roses and the English Civil war, and most probably many other periods besides. 

This is part one, and I've included some work in progress pictures,  and a shot of a test piece I put together. I'm writing on a tablet which means the photos may be iffy, and the text short, I may/may/might go into detail another time on the how's etc, but cannot claim originality of ideas.