Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Average Joes 2013 - Match Day 2

 With the departure of their June opponents; The Greenskin Hackers, for a promotional tour of France and outer Mongolia, Average Joes had to wait two months for the Orcs return and match day 2.  As both teams took to the pitch at the Deeside Defenders venue the Orcs (head coach David Astley) were certainly slightly worried, and the rats confident, and with good reason.  The Orcs won the toss and opted to receive, but their initially organised defence broke down early on, with a spilled ball allowing gutter runner Cotton McKnight to score what would be his (its?) first of two.  Ratty touchdown two came soon after, with more appalling Orc luck seeing a double skulls on their smacking dice, and the ball whisked away for another Cotton touchdown, 3-0 at half time and the Orcs looking dishevelled with only a knocked out storm vermin to show for it.  This low injury count was a relief to the ‘Joes coach, who only had 11 players available due to the injuries to gutter runner The Rat, and storm vermin Tank from match day 1 ruling them out.
The second half opened with Average Joes receiving, and breaking away down the left with a well organised cage and a sprint from Pepper Brooks after a Murdock (thrower) handoff for ‘Joes 4th , touchdown.  And half way through the second half it was five, with Pepper Brooks completing his hat trick following an accurate pass from Cotton.

Once they got the ball back however the Orcs were a different proposition, and with an organised offence and good caging tactics spent the remainder of the 2nd half gradually moving the ball down the pitch before scoring their first touchdown of the game.  The rats coach was less disappointed with this, than with the manner of the touchdown, coming as it did with several casualties for ‘Joes, all of which will now miss their next game.  Pepper, unsurprisingly perhaps, claimed the MVP.

Team Update – Injuries & New Recruits:
3 players are missing for the next game against another Orc side; The Maulers.  This reduces ‘Joes to a mere 10 players, so the coach has chosen to spend all of his 130,000 gold pieces hiring Shirley; a rat ogre.
  • The Lone Rat – Smashed ankle following a heavy black orc challenge.
  • Dodge – Fractured arm after he made a mess of dodging (irony) and fell flat.
  • Murdock – The thrower survived with only a pinched nerve after being pushed into the crowd.

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  1. Excellent. MVP - Most verminous player?