Saturday, 27 April 2013

Scenery, also known as What A Lot Of Trees

With the prospect of a mouth-watering English Civil War game on the Sunday at Gauntlet we're currently in the midst of debating which scenery to use, and it occurred to me that I hadn't a list or picture of my rather large collection of trees.  I know.  Oh how exciting this has become.  They may not get used because they are primarily fir trees not matching much of Cheshire (but excellent for the Ardennes and Bavarian forests), but this gives an idea of how many, as well as the lovely wooden shapes, several hills, a bridge, and a graveyard that needs a lick or many of paint.  As well as the fields in the background there are a number of 'broken' trees in need of a fix, and half painted musketeers scattered around to show scale.

The count of trees in good condition being:
83 Pines
18 Rounded thingies
3 More impressive rounded thingies in a clump.

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