Friday, 8 May 2015

Dreadball Season 2014-15: Round 5 Result

‘Buccaneers Finally Loose In Last Group Stage Match

Round 5 saw the Carbis Bay Buccaneers already safely through to the knockout stages, and just as well as they suffered their first defeat and two of their toughest matches of the campaign. The corporation opposition; Wrexham AFC (Dafydd), had not come to take part in a ‘Buccaneers victory parade, and maximised their strengths as the away team.  An obviously over-confident Buccaneers front line opened the scoring with striker Jack Sparrow putting in an easy 1pt strike, but then the home sides fans watched in horror as the opposition side put into action an aggressive and violent plan.  The Wrexham guards were revealed to be monsters – seriously injuring striker ‘Mad Jack’ Dalhgren and then jack Mr Gibbs in seconds.  Their superior strength bettered anything that the Buccaneers could offer, and they were sent reeling in shock, unable to stop Wrexham AFC scoring a 3pt strike, and only able to gain another 1pt strike via star man Dirk Pitt. 

It took until the mid way point for the home side to make an impact; both of the Buccaneers guards teaming up to outflank and knock out first one of the monsters, then defeat a Wrexham attempt at a 4 pointer, and then the second monster hit the dirt.  Pitt, ever the opportunist, stole the ball away and two turns later scored a 3pt strike that brought the score to 2-0 to the Buccaneers.  A moment of pure horror for the Carbis Bay team followed when one of the away sides jacks was revealed to be just as tough as their guards, stepping into the fray to flatten guard Al Giordino.  The other Buccaneers guard, ‘Admiral’ James Sandecker, took revenge, and then  Jack Sparrow capitalised on a missed Wrexham strike attempt to add to his tally with a 3-pointer and put the game beyond the away side.  The final moments of the game saw the monsters return to the pitch, and while Dirk Pitt sensibly fled towards the bench, Sparrow paid for his temerity and was flattened.  Carbis Bay won the game 5-0, and home striker Hector Barbossa was declared the Man Of The Match (by 5 cheers to 4).

The away leg, and key amongst the travelling teams aims was not to lose any more players in this, the last match before the knockout stages.  Carbis Bay adopted a very deep formation, forcing the home side to move into their half of the pitch, using this to attack each Wrexham player one by one.  Both a home guard and the monster jack were teamed up upon and knocked down by cunning slams from behind that denied them their strength advantage, and then prevented from getting back up again my threat hexes.  The home side scored, but Sparrow equalised quickly, before taking advantage of a slip to steal away the ball and score again to make it 3-0.  The Buccaneers lost guard Sandecker and conceded a big 4pt strike midway through the game, and with Pitt held in reserve it was down to strikers Barbossa and Sparrow to try and match the opposition, for whom the monster guards and jack were having more and more an effect on the game.  This they did until Barbossa missed a 3-pointer and it was left to Dirk Pitt to try and save the game again for Carbis Bay.  Emerging from the dugout with seconds remaining on the clock he sprinted the length of the pitch, only to miss-control the ball when trying to pick it up and the chance was gone.  Victory went to Wrexham AFC 0-2.  The Buccaneers had managed to entertain the fans however, with 4 cheers to 3 and Sandecker declared the Man Of The Match.

Friday, 1 May 2015

The perils of accepting something for free

The perils of accepting something for free.  On Thursday I was 'gifted' a club regulars British army for Flames Of War.  It was enough stuff for me to take a step back and say "wow, are you sure, because there is alot of it and its worth a few pennies?"  He justified himself on the basis that it hadn't been out since 2013 or earlier, he had another Canadian army so had no interest in playing with it again, and wanted it to go to someone who would get good use out of it.

Time for the catch.  Or two catches rather.  Firstly the "there is one thing you COULD do for me in return...".  It would seem it was in fact a cunning ploy to get me into moral debt, and he needs a few models painting.  More like 30ish FOW bases/vehicles which he wants me to do for him.  It should be pointed out in his defence that his career choice involves machines which have left him without the fine motor skills to paint well, so he asks others to do the job for him, and this is the first time he's asked me.  Second catch - open the box and explore some of the weird, wonderful and bizzaree methods of painting, basing and building I have been given.  So wonderful were some of the creations that I was initially (and in some cases still am) stumped as to what they were, and had to take a few pictures to see if anyone could shed light, answers at the bottom please!

Remember these are apparently late war British infantry.  Cue the Benny Hill music and roll the film....

Are these British infantry, or Paras?

25pdrs, not Battlefront, and probably early war?

4 Sextons apparently.  Spot the interesting crew error.