Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Romans - A Hail Caesar Project - Part 8

A few pictures to confirm previous unconfirmed reports that I’d actually finished every legionary and auxiliary model available!  Not strictly true of course, I’ve a few more auxiliaries and a couple of legionaries, and after Christmas I am the proud owner of a bunch of auxiliary cavalry, but its still a nice milestone to have had nothing left to paint at one point.  Hopefully I might even get to use them in a game at some point, this Christmas I was the proud beneficiary of a copy of the Hail Caesar rulebook, and it would good to try and work out what they are on about in it!

Next up (after I’ve harangued Warlord for failing to put a musician arm/body in the cavalry pack) is to base up the horsemen, and to purchase some more troops!  Command groups all round, a few officers and a pack of Renegade Balaeric slingers I think, still toying with the idea of getting an elephant as a nice Christmas centre piece to the army, although where from I’m not 100%.  Renegade do one, but its without a howdah or troops, and doesn’t look as exciting as Aventine miniatures efforts.  Foundry and Warlord seem to have missed this part of history as well.  The pictures of elephants in Hail Caesar are definitely Aventine ones.  Looking to Christmas money to finish the funding for the main part of the army.

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