Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Work In Progress........

Haven't done a work in progress post in a while, and have been working on a couple of bits in the last week so thought I'd throw something up (not literally). I've actually spent more time gaming than modelling, with a couple of trips to the Deeside Defenders on a Thursday evening (playing FOW and then Bloodbowl) for the first time, and a couple of weeks of Warhammer Quest at the RGMB.

In modelling terms I have done some work on scenery ready for a big Flames of War game on the 15th, painting up two bridges, creating a card river, and painting/mending a hill, 20 trees and four tree/forest area boards. I've even finally managed to finish the farm (ex-airfix Napoleonic model, but assembled in a different way due to a couple of missing parts), something which has been awaiting work for around 3 years.

On the miniatures front I have revamped my Skaven team for the Deeside Bloodbowl tournament, which mainly consisted of repainting the gutter runners cloaks red, touching up chips, and respraying with a matt varnish to replace the shiny effect given by the previously used (and 4 year old) polish varnished finish. I've also started to work on the 1st Roman Cohort again, whether I will finally get those finished waits to be seen.

I’ve stuck in a couple of pictures below, with a couple of Old Glory 15mm half tracks and figures, and some 28mm Romans to give an idea of scale.


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