Saturday, 28 April 2012

Flames of War Battle Report - Total Victory Scenario - Late War

A quick few pictures of a Flames of War game setup by Phil Tonkinson at the Stanney Community Centre; Ellesmere Port.  With 7,000pts a side the Germans consisted of Phil’s panzers on the left flank, John Wallis’ grenadiers in the centre, and my panzergrenadiers held the right.  For the Allies my adversary from the Ardennes game a few weeks ago; Alex, faced me with his British Para’s (Colonel John Frost and all) on the Allied left, the immortal Dennis and a combination of American armour and infantry took their centre, while the British armour and infantry of David Astbury took the Allied right, facing the panzers.

The scenario was the Total Victory scenario, setup took around an hour total, and we settled on 30 minute turns.  Myself and Dennis deployed the 6 objectives, and the Germans won the roll off for deploying and going first.

The initial deployment; Phil’s panzer company (or actually schwere panzer company – Tigers with some wirlbwind AA guns and Johns Brumbarrs), in the foreground along with the lead elements of Davids British. 

At the other end Alex’s British (very much the silver element in the bottom right) were supported by some of Dennis’ Yanks against my panzergrenadiers.

Early aggressive manoeuvring by the German left flank; the Brumbarrs driving through (over?) buildings to get at the objective, while the Tigers survive Davids attempt to slow them down through typhoon strafing, but Phils excellent AA is on form all game.

Davids armour steps up to try where the typhoon failed, but comes off significantly worse.  The lack of space to manoeuvre playing into the Tigers hands/tracks.

On the German right my panzergrenadiers are just as swiftly off the mark, following the grand plan they leave one objective in the hands of the AA and some PaK40’s (out of shot), and head into the wooded area to claim the no-mans land one.  With the Tigers having given Dennis’ Shermans a bloody nose the Allies stick to their foxholes and hedgerows rather than counter attack as the German victory points lead mounts.

An offensive gambit by Dennis doesn’t pay off as the Tigers leave his tank destroyers burning, but the Germans are still wary, watching for any sign of a sting in the tail.

An all-out brawl is sparked on the right as I become swiftly bored sitting on an objective waiting for the end.  My infantry are met with a nasty crossfire from Alex’s British paras and the left side of Dennis’ dug in American infantry and AT guns.  With no tanks to face the Tigers are toothless, and the Brumbarrs also prove to be less than useful.  Some armoured car support at least has arrived.  

In the  following fight first the panzergrenadiers bounce off their enemies, then the British paras counter attacked and also bounced when Alex’s dice turned against him.  Defensive fire all round with no actual combat, and stalemate arrived for the rest of the battle.

The expected Dennis counter-stroke began to gather momentum, with M10’s (?) and recce troops joining the infantry massing for an attack on the heart of the German army; John’s grenadiers.

The combined force was able to wrestle an objective from the Germans for the first time in the game, driving John’s grenadier platoon back in the centre through the use of recce jeeps in the wooded area, and supported by infantry and tanks (out of shot to the right), although the Germans remained intact and within contesting range.
The last moments, and as Alex (tope left) prays (unsuccessfully) to his dice, and David contemplates his army list, Dennis drives home his attack in the centre.  Too little too late however, and with time getting on and no other significant attacks in progress the Allies call it a day.  Clear victory to the Germans, 12 points to 8.

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