Friday, 13 April 2012

The Romans – A Hail Caesar Project – Part 13

Lucky part 13, written on Friday the 13th, although having my birthday on the 13th of the month generally means I worry little over that.  This ‘should’ be the second to last report on the creation of my Roman army, with the project nearing completion.  Little (no) work had been done on them since their first appearance on the tabletop (22nd March-ish), but this week I’ve suddenly been overcome with enthusiasm to finish them.  This could be partially to do with the upcoming release of the Pike & Shotte rulebook meaning a need to paint more Royalists could be soon in coming, and the Romans are in the way!

I have finished the painting stage on the 1st Cohort of legionaries, the fifth cohort in the army, and an oversized one at 24 models rather than the 16 normally.  They have gone into the carry case to wait for the remaining models I’m working on to finish the painting stage and move onto dipping, flocking and spraying – better done en-masse because of the time taken to setup the process, and to limit the excess lost.

Next up, and last, on the painting table is the second unit of auxiliary cavalry (all 6 models of it) and my army general.  The general is actually three models; the man himself on a horse, an auxiliary horseman and his dog, all on a nice big GW monster base.  So far progress is good, with most of the main colours applied to the auxiliaries, although the general might take longer and I’ve no ideas how to paint the dog so far.

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