Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Marvellous Adventures of the Dashing Lord Flasheart and his dog FuFu - A Warhammer Quest Tale - Part 2

Part 2 – Sausage Adventures

For my second marvellous adventure I led Jeff (the Tin Man) and the priest; who turned out to be called Karl to the mountains at the Worlds Edge.  There we joined with a Barbarian called Boris, who insisted on carrying the lantern, a wizard called Tim The Enchanter and a mysterious woman with an exceptionally pale complexion called Estella.

We travelled into the mountain seeking some sort of tomb (I don’t worry about details, I let others do that for me).  Along the way we met a few orcs (genuine ones this time and I had to get my rapier dirty), and Estella seemed to get her teeth into the Tin Man in more ways than one, although how you sink your teeth into a man wearing full plate armour I have no idea.

We had time to finish off a goblin or two before finding a room full of spiders and goblins.  Once we had finished off the majority – and those sausages came in mighty handy – Jeff the Tin Man hammered at the grave stone in the room and broke it in two, apparently this was what we had come for, although I had to hit Boris the Barbarian over the head a couple of times with my pistol butt to make him coherent enough, sadly breaking the butt at the time

Having tasted village fare the last time out we headed for the big city, a journey that took 6 weeks and was exceedingly boring, with just the rather fortunate opportunity to watch an old adversary; Sir Percy, finally get his comeuppance, oh how that made me smile.  We reached the city and I headed straight for the armourers and was able to secure a pricy repair and powder supplies for my pistol, a great improvement on the last village!

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