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A history of the RGMB Bloodbowl Trophy

Here by popular demand (i.e. one person asked about it). *

A history of the RGMB Bloodbowl Trophy

 2006 - The inaugural campaign finished acrimoniously after the campaign organiser lost the rosters and lost interest.  20+ teams entered in a group stage, from which the top 2-3 teams qualified for a quarter final which was reached but never played.  The Spike Cup put in its first appearance, with the Orc team of Neil Bellis securing victory against the humans of Chris Edwards.  This was a one day event played at GW Chester, with a league system and three games a-piece to decide the winner.

2007 - The most successful year for RGMB Bloodbowl, with three competitions completed and three champions named in the RGMB Trophy, the Spike Cup and the Dungeon Bowl Trophy.  Fewer players entered the main tournament, but all the main competitors were there and it lost none of its appeal.

The RGMB Trophy was run using an averaged out league system, with the top eight teams entering a quarter final knockout stage.  Khaines Killers (Dark Elves, Alan) proved unstoppable on their way to the final, beating the best of the rest before ending the hopes of Average Joes (Rick) at the end.

The Spike Cup was once again hotly contested at GW Chester, with the Talabheim Tornado's (Richard Bellis) coming out on top against the Khornes Cutthroats (Neil Bellis).

2008 - The last RGMB tournament started with yet fewer players, but with plenty of competition, the Ghrond State Warriors (Jase) and The Cravendale Killers (Mike) in particular talking up a storm, but it would be an older name in Average Joes (Rick) which contested the final game, losing to the Hashut Hackers (Alan once again).  This time round only the Semi-finals were reached, with 5th ed. 40k and other interests preventing the ‘Hackers quarter final win being challenged.

2009 - Arguments over the format of a league combined with general apathy and no competition was played. 

2010 - Went the same way as 2009, although perhaps without any argument or suggestion of a tournament at all.

2011 – A Spring tournament saw several familiar faces in the semi-finals, with Average Joes finally getting the better of coach Alan Hardy’s chaos team the Finger Lickers, only to fall in the final once more, this time to orc side the Drakwald Bruisers (Chris Edwards), who had overcome surprise package The Golden Cannon Ballers (Peers) in their own semi-final.

Year  - Competition   - Winner / Coach                    - Runner-up
2006 - RGMB Trophy - Null & Void                           - Null & Void
2006 - Spike Cup     - Skull Smashers / Neil Bellis       - Drakwald Bruisers / Mr Crish
2007 - RGMB Trophy - Khaines Killers / Al                  -          Average Joes / Rick
2007 - Spike Cup      - Talabheim Tornado's /Richard Bellis  -  Khornes Cutthroats / Neil Bellis
2007 - Dungeon Bowl - Orcy Splat Bashers / Chris Fazey    - Average Joes / Rick
2008 - RGMB Trophy  - Hashut Hackers / Al                     - Average Joes / Rick
2011 – RGMB Trophy – Drakwald Bruisers / Chris Edwards            - Average Joes / Rick


Marianburg Mashers - A human team coached by Neil McCue, well know for its absurd amount of luck when dodging.  Quarter finalists in 2007 and 2008.

Khaines Killers - Dark Elves coached by Alan Hardy, nigh on unstoppable on their way to the title in 2007, beating the best in the Talabheim Tornado's and Khornes Cutthroats before Average Joes fell at the end.

Hashut Hackers - Chaos Dwarfs, once again coached by Alan Hardy and champions in 2008.  A forward line to fear, and ensuring their coach has an unchallenged reputation at the top.

Skull Smashers - Head coach; Neil Bellis, a n Orc team which thumped its way to victory in the 2006 Spike Cup final, and made a quarter final appearance in the main RGMB tournament in 2007.  The coach also lead the beastman team; Khornes Cutthroats, to an appearance in the 2007 Spike Cup final.

Talabheim Tornado's - Another human team under coach Richard Bellis, which won the 2007 Spike Cup through skill and no little luck, and were also semi-finalists in 2007.

Orcy Splat Bashers - An Orc team, heavily reliant on its black orc front line and lead by coach Chris Fazey.  It lost virtually every game in 2007, with the exception of the semi-final and final of the Dungeon Bowl Trophy, and a stunning victory over finalists Average Joes in the main tournamnet.

Average Joes - The oldest team in the competition, this Skaven side is coached by Rick Andrews (aka ‘Lord Flashheart’), and competed in every competition from 2006-8 with the exception of the 2006 Spike Cup.  Favouring a passing and running game, this is the perenial underachievers of the RGMB scene, finalists twice and defeated both times, quarter-finalists in 2006, defeated in the 2007 Dungeon Bowl final, and seconds away from a 2007 Spike Cup Final appearance.

Snotling Horde - A team made up of snotlings, a couple of trolls and not a lot else!  Coached by Chris Fry in 2006 they made it to the quarters through sheer guts and snotling throwing techniques, and with the highest casualty rate taken by any side.

Morks Marauders - An Orc side, famous for its 2007 appearance in the semi-final where it was defeated by Average Joes, and its Blitzer; Kronk, who finished top touchdown scorer in 2007 ahead of witch elves, gutter runners and human blitzers, an incredible achieevment for any Orc, and one which almost got them through to the final.  Coached by Chris Youngs.

The 2007 Tournament

I’ve included below the Teams & Players Awards for 2007.

The 2007 RGMB Blood Bowl Teams and Top Players Awards

The Final Touchdown Scoring Chart

Position - Touchdowns Scored - Player - Team
1st - 17 - Kronk  (Morks Marauders)
2nd - 16 - Dorlion (Khaines Killers)
-    - 16 - Pepper Brooks (Average Joes)

Special mention to Areilith of Khaines Killers who managed 21 completions during the season, the nearest challenger finishing on 8 completed passes.  When interviewed she attributed her success to her dump-off skill and overall team tactics.

Player Of The Season
Without a shadow of a doubt this has to go to the (former) Morks Marauder Orc Blitzer Kronk.  In a competition which included wardancers, human runners, witch-elves, and the intensely quick gutter runners nobody would have given an Orc a prayer (to any god) of finishing as tournament top scorer.  But his immortality was assured with his 17th touchdown in the semi-final defeat against Average Joes. 

However it was not simply his scoring exploits that brought this award, but his all round play as well, leading the Marauders to second in the touchdown stakes, and top of the casualty ratings by more than double their nearest opponent, and driving them to their semi-final appearance.

Following his teams concession of the fateful semi-final game to the skaven, Kronk has chosen to go free-lance, and has headed off to other parts of the old world.  We may yet see him back next season.

Overachiever Of The Season
The Redeemed Blood Drinkers (head coach: Annmarie) managed to sneak into the top eight at the eleventh hour ahead of several bigger names that had started the season with much promise.

Match of the season
Khaines Killers 3 - 2 Talabheim Tornado’s (aet)
This match stands alone as an awesome spectacle.  The humans tenacity and Halfling throwing tactics took them to within seconds of the Semi-finals, before the dark elves experience and blind luck snatched the victory, clocking up one more success on the road to their first ever Blood Bowl Title.

Special mention goes to the match between Death By Maw Maw and Skavenblight in the 2007 Spike Cup tournament.  Firstly it was the highest scoring game of the tournament, and secondly it saw the Ogres outscore the skaven by 4 touchdowns to 2!  Sensational stuff.

Top 3 Shock Results of the season
1]. Marianburg Mashers 3 - 2 Morks Marauders
The humans shock the orc giants with unbelievable luck to gain their first tournament points.

2]. Khaines Killers 0 - 1 Orcy Splat Bashers
On a level playing field the dark elves should have won, in Dungeon Bowl there was nobody to witness their humiliation at the hands of the under-dog orc side.

3]. Orcy Splat Bashers 1 - 0 Average Joes
The orcs do it again, employing the same tactics to block out and wear down the pre-game favourites to win the trophy.

2007 Tournament Winners
RGMB Blood Bowl Tournament - Champions: Khaines Killers (head coach: Alan)

Dungeon Bowl Tournament - Champions: Orcy Splat Bashers (head coach: Chris Fazey)

Spike Cup Tournament - Champions: Talabheim Tornado’s (head coach: Richard Bellis)

Brutality Award
Given to the Rotting Reamers (head coach: Gaz); a team that truly has the opposition scared of not making full time.  The head coach has built a reputation upon his achievements in the causality columns, and it is rare a ‘Reamers game passes without a death on the pitch. 

Sneakiest Tricks Award
Given to the Skull Smashers (head coach: Neil Bellis) for persistent and downright annoying use of the Goblin-over-the-top gambit during games.

*All facts may actually be fiction.  Average Joes is the best team ever not to win a trophy.

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