Friday, 18 January 2013

Work In Progress.........

Time for a work in progress, and I've brought the painting table/desk/tray out of semi-retirement with the current aim of improving the look of my Royalists.  The Battle of Chester report really put the Royalist side to shame with the entire Parliamentarian (and Swedish) force painted, and it gavve me the required kick up the backside to do something about it.  Plus my purchased to painted ratio is shocking, especially as I'm hoping to pick up a few more bits in York at Vapnartek at the beginning of February.

The first troops to be looked at are pictured below,  and are the 24 musketeers that form the sleeves to Hopton's regiment.  I'm about half way through with all the annoying details still to do.  Following these will be the extra 16 musketeers I had to get to enlarge the King's Guard and Stradling's regiments of foote to the right musket sleeve size.  The idea is to paint the 24 and then the 16, and then dip the whole lot in one go.

As a slight distraction I've also stuck some Airfix American Civil War troops to a couple of 45mm square bases with the intention of painting them and seeing if the effect can encourage further expansion of the idea.  I'm aiming to do a little bit of modeling/painting each night, except where gaming takes over. 

In other news I've photographed and written the descriptions for the remaining models to be sold on eBay; a bunch of Chaos Space Marines and a fair number of Imperial Guardsmen (including 4 tanks).  The Chaos lot are on first, and finish a week Sunday, hopefully a few more pennies will come trickling into the fighting fund for gaming purchases, although I don't expect them to be anywhere near as successful as the Battlefleet Gothic or Epic 40k.  I expect quite the opposite in fact, however even a few more pounds would be useful, and the models would go elsewhere to be used rather than sitting without hope in my garage.

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