Thursday, 3 January 2013

Welcome to 2013 - and Work In Progress.....

Another year dawns, and another attempt to get back into my stuttering hobby, while hoping all those I was playing various historical games against haven't lapsed into work-related doom like I had, or simply got bored and gone off to do something else.  So far the signs are good.

The initial plans for gaming in the early part of 2013 are three-fold:
1]. Get stuck into those dastardly parliamentarian scum and trounce them from the fields of North Wales and Cheshire (although they can keep Penketh, I'm really not interested in that area) in the RGMB English Civil War campaign - By The Sword Divided (
2]. Get in more games in general, to which end I've set up opponents at Deeside defenders for my Flames of War germans to cross swords (or is that 88mm barrels?) with in a couple of weeks in January.
3]. Get modelling!  I was very successful in building and painting my Romans and some Royalists at the beginning of 2012, but with the change in job in May it petered out and did not return.  I need to regain the willpower to paint - and only one thing will do that; an enthusiasm for a project/period (new models help also).

I succeeded at the end of 2012 in selling off a number of old Games Workshop models, most notably a couple of Battle Fleet Gothic fleets and Epic 40,000 armies, and with a few more GW models still waiting to be sold this will hopefully provide me with the financial muscle to get something going.  I hope to wield this muscle at a wargaming show soon, either York (3rd Feb) or Sheffield (May sometime) beckon.

Onto The Project.  I actually want to do a number of different things, listed below:
Napoleonics - French with scenery in 15mm
American Civil War - Both sides in 15mm with scenery (priced at £200 just for the models so far!)
Wars of the Roses - Yorkists in 28mm
English Civil War - Expanding a couple of units of Royalists in 28mm
Scenery - 28mm generic; water features, roads, buildings

However, my financial muscle and time isn't going to stretch to all of them, so the early recipient of my attentions is the English Civil War (ECW) and scenery.  I particularly want to slightly expand my army to make it more viable in Pike & Shotte, with my dragoons needing horses, my horse brigade needing support, and my army as a whole needing paint.  They also need extra scenery for my personal collection.  A church is a big target, plus hedges, walls, roads and any water features - ponds, rivers etc. All these pieces should be generic enough for using in a variety of periods, including WOTR, ECW, ancients (within reason), WW1 and WW2, and some (e.g water features) for using in a variety of scales - such as for my FOW germans or the Napoleonic french.

Next down on the list is the Wars of the Roses (WOTR), which I already have a number of models for, and which don't need a huge number to make them into a useful force to supplement Aidans forces for this period.  I received a couple of books on the subject for Christmas, and a boxed set of the Perrys mounted men-at-arms (brothers are very useful things!) which I'm looking forward to reading/gluing respectively.

Actual work in progress currently?  Umm, none really.  Although I've a few pieces of models standing round waiting for me to decide what to do with them.  I'll take a picture of an updated Royalist army soon, and perhaps even the WOTR troops waiting on the painting desk.  Game of FOW tomorrow night at Deeside (against Alex and his British paras - urgh, bad memories of the Ardennes game last year), and one on Tuesday against Luke and his Parlimentarians, heartily looking forward to both!

Edit; forgot to put the purchased/painted line in, pity really because it looks rubbish!  Oh, and why is my adsense adverts displaying  Tripadvisor I can understand but really??  *Sigh*

From 1/10/2012
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Purchased: 52

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