Sunday, 20 January 2013

American Civil War Project

A brief bit about the American Civil War.  Following my game against Will McNally at Deeside I was inspired enough by his 20mm plastics to dig out my Airfix troops from that period, and I genuinely believe it may suit my purposes to use them in my aim to collect a couple of ACW armies.  Yes, this means avoiding the 28mm, 15mm and 10mm metal and hard plastics that had caught the eye, but its not just the potential cost saving thats attracting me, the scale has the right imagery for me of massed troops while not too fiddly, and I can buy them off the shelf.

I also have a fair number already waiting, enough to create 5 battalions of Union troops, and 3 of Confederates, and hopefully they should be easy to get hold of from different manufacturers.

The softer plastic of the airfix models has always worried me when considering painting them, but Will's troops (see American Civil War battle report in 20mm) seem in good shape, and he puts this down to the fact that they are based (on 45mm square bases of mounting card).  I'm going to use plasticard instead, and I'm trialing two bases - one Confederate and one Union - to see if the effect and quality of painting is what I'm after.  I will probably use the Dip stuff on them as well, and dip the testers when I'm doing the next lot of ECW musketeers.

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