Sunday, 6 January 2013

Declaring for the King - Part 4

Three days and three posts – just like buses.  Update time for my Royalists who I’ve reorganised slightly (yes, again) to fit into the unit size of the Pike & Shotte armies which we’re using at the RGMB.  I had to expand my shotte sleeves to do this, from 8 men each to 12, which matches what everyone else is using, and also does look much more impressive on the battlefield.  To do this I had to purchase some Warlord musketeers, which I did last year, and combine them with the Renegade ones which were previously forming my Forlorn Hope.  This worked nicely, and I used the rest of the Warlord musketeers to form two units of 8 Dragoons on foot.

To make the most of the Dragoons I’m going to do what I said I wouldn’t do, and add more troops to the army.  A box of Warlord cavalry, and a couple of extra officers to lead them, will go with my spare troops (not pictured below) to create a fourth horse regiment, and mounted versions of the dragoons. 

In addition to the military side I’m also looking to get a number of characterful additions to the battlefields, including adding to my scenery collection (I need water features and roads, plus fences and buildings – a church would be good).  The first of these is pictured below; sheep, a minister, some pack animals and a companion for Lord Flasheart!  More another time.

The foote regiments, lead by Sir Hugh of Beeston, and the ordinance at the end.

Characterful pieces to be added too.

The whole army.

Brigadier Wolfe and his horse brigade, including the 2 dragoon units on foot.

The devil himself - Lord Derek Tiberius Flasheart!

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