Friday, 27 January 2012

Work in progress....

Update on the bits I've been working on, and given the recent arrival of the rest of my planned roman army unsurprisingly their all romans!

Having spent a number of evenings painting (the bits between 8:30-9pm, and 10-10:30pm, major lack of spare time!) I have just finished the batch I was working on, and they all stand ready to be 'dipped'.

In order to finish off the cohorts is already started on I've focused on command bases, with 2 legionary and 2 auxiliary 4by4's painted, as well as an additional two 4by4's of auxiliaries. Once dipped I'll have finished 4 legionary cohorts and 2 auxiliary ones.

As a side line I also painted a unit of 8 renegade miniatures slingers - which were refreshingly easy to do - and capped it off by doing a tribune on foot to provide some command muscle.

After these worthies have been dipped, flocked and spray varnished I'm thinking of either an auxiliary horse squadron, or the 1st cohort of legionaries as the next target.

In other news apparently one of the key sources of traffic to my blog is from - Google Norway.

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