Sunday, 8 January 2012

Work in progress....

Time for an update for the three weevils and a lab rat who are watching. Nothing actually finished, but some progress somewhere.Firstly the royalists, and after their outing last week I've managed to finish painting the Kings Lifeguard, and they are waiting for me to finish the Saker battery (in progress) to do the dip process and finish them off. Hard bits done though. And after this regiment and canon I think I will switch my efforts back to the Romans for a bit.Romans second, and a regiment of balsamic slingers are on order from renegade miniatures (hopefully ill try painting them instead of adding them to the dining table). I've been putting together some of the cavalry tonight, and they are ill fitting buggers! Green stuff on hand, not impressed, they will also be very fragile to use.Finally Napoleonics; I put some paint on 4 15mm men, but not much.

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