Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Romans - A Hail Caesar Project - Part 9

Roman update time. I first tried posting this using my iphone blogger app, it managed to date it as the 20th of December, no idea why, so I’ve deleted that one, and updated the update here.

Now, remembering the last known situation was that all available Romans had been built and it was simply a case of waiting for Christmas and the new year to acquire more.
Christmas brought most of the needed auxiliary cavalry, my birthday brought the CO (both courtesy of my well informed brother - thank you). Then a moment of exception generosity (possible madness?) from an RGMB club member saw me gain 34 legionaries for free! This was on the single condition that any 1st Cohort I made was not more than 3 ranks deep - a fair demand and one I’ve kept too. Finally in the last few days my order from maestrom arrived with virtually every bit I needed to finish the projected army, and a regiment of Balearic slingers from Renegade turned up.  Both arrived a little earlier than expected, Renegade orders normally take around 15-20 days minimum, but I like the image, quality and price and can be v patient.

All this means that my entire planned army is now in the building, with one exception which I’ll cover in a bit.

The models that are already finished are, of course, already finished, and after some slicing (of finger tips), swearing, sticking and gluing the remainder are all stuck together in their units, and have the layer of sand on their bases - next stop is black spray paint time.  I’ve included a few pictures of the army below, its now in enough pieces to use in a battle.

A recap of the planned army:
2 x auxiliary cavalry squadrons (6 models a piece).

4 x legionary cohorts (16 models a piece).
1 x 1st cohort (24 models).
3 x scorpion bolt throwers

2 x auxiliary cohorts (16 models a piece).
3 x auxiliary (Balearic) slingers units (8 models a piece).

The only model not stuck to its base is actually the exception; the general, who is the very nice blatant gladiator rip-off on a horse, plus dog.  This is because I looked at him once he arrived and thought he would look very cool with an auxiliary horseman riding alongside.  This model, of course, I haven’t got.  So I’ve put out a ‘feeler’ in the hope of gaining one, until then it may have to be glue-gun time if I need to use him!

Time for a tally:
Number of models in the army: 170 (counting the scorpions as 3 - 2 crew and a bolt thrower).
Number finished: 72

In other good news another kindly soul has handed me the means to afford a few trips to Chester on a Tuesday night for the first time since November - looking forward to it, although tonight’s games will be less historical and more Lord of The Rings, but that’s a system I’ve a soft spot for, even if I have to play those heinous fiends the Dwarfs!

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