Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Romans - A Hail Caesar Project - Part 10

A mere 13 days later and once more I return to news about the Romans, and its good news, if you’re a Roman.  Firstly for those out there with a fiery hatred of dwarfs I have to bring sad news that they never made it as far as the battlefield for their encounter with my troll.  Instead a couple of battles of the War of Spanish Succession (Black powder - Argument of Kings rules, Aidans models) took place, and my side lost both miserably.

Back to something of importance, and if you’ve been following the work at progress reports you need your priorities examining.  But you would also have known that I was working on two command groups/bases for the legionary cohorts missing them, and the two command groups/bases for the two auxiliary cohorts.  Added to this list was a base of auxiliaries, a second base of auxiliaries that simply needed dipping etc, and finally I had a bash at a small unit (8 models individually based) of slingers, and a Tribune to command the bally lot. 

The slingers were actually the easiest to paint, having asked for, and following (unusually) the wife’s suggestion that they should stick with brown tunics rather than trying to get a decent red on them.  I’m rather pleased with the effect, and the wife is now insufferable about the decision making process.

The rest followed previous models colour schemes and were more about finishing units that anything exciting.  The Tribune looks quite good after I plumbed for a few bright colours.  All this means my painted total/percentage/whatever looks quite good:

Number of models in the army: 170 (bolt throwers count as 3, cavalry as one per model)
Painted: 105

In fact, who am I kidding, that is actually astounding for me, and added to my ECW troops that brings my painted models total to 180 since the beginning of October 2011.  The previous two years have seen a maximum of 5 models finished, and even in my heyday of racing through FOW or Imperial Guard figures I didn’t come close that that figure, so overall its happy, happy, happy and backslapping all round (tricky to slap your own back, but I had a shot).

Time for some pictures (army sponsored by Farleys Rusks, slingers sponsored by tesco cornflakes.  Table cloth by Debenhams, table by ‘bloke I met down the pub‘).

The last image is of the troops still to do, and given my positive feeling towards the slingers, and fear of death by boredom painting either the 1st Cohort of Legionaries (24 men) or the cavalry, I’ve decided to complete the remaining 16 slingers, a bolt thrower and the tribune on horse back (brown).  This will give me the bulk of the army, with a division of 4 legionary cohorts and a bolt thrower, and one of the two auxiliary cohorts and the three small slinger units, with an officer for each division.  I’ll leave you with the gem that although my computer can recognise the words ‘slingers’ and ‘swingers’ and ‘swinger’, apparently ‘slinger’ does not exist.

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