Friday, 20 January 2012

Work in Progress....

Time for a progress report. Following Christmas, and with the arrival of the rest of my Roman army you would think my painted vs purchased total would look a little sad. However, having finished a second English Civil War foot regiment and artillery piece (which I'm counting as more than one - normally the number of figures on the base), it does look too bad.

Purchased - 89
Finished (since October 2011) - 129

The painting table is now full of Romans, with the ECW troops remaining in the garage for the time being. First up being the command groups for the two legionary and two auxiliary cohorts missing them. I'm also, as a sideline, doing a slinger and a tribune to see how they pan out - unsure whether to go with red of stick with brown as the slingers tunic.

The Napoleonic French had their first outing last week, and they retain their place just in case I get round to painting a couple.

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