Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Work In Progress......August 2013

August has been a very slow month for painting.   As in shockingly slow.  I blame football manager, and football in general.  I finally got the push I needed to finish my Dreadball team, which included making the last two corporation models (nasty mould lines) and all 10 are now painted to go with my referee and ball.  The push came courtesy of the Dreadball tournament which will be played out this Saturday; I’m aiming for non-humiliation and a mid-table position, any higher and I’ll be ecstatic.  The sand and flock order from Baccus arrived for use with my ACW 6mm troops, and I put it too use test-basing an infantry regiment to reasonably good results.  I'm working on two short posts about my ACW and about my Dreadball team.

Coming up this month – there is currently nothing blocking my work on my 6mm Union regiments, so I suppose I’ll have to have a bash at getting them based for an actual small game on a table somewhere.  Managing that by the end of the month will be a good target.  Sold the final remains of the Wood Elves, some Dwarfs and some Khemri skeletons, but misjudged the postage to devastating effect so I may as well have paid the ebayer to take them off my hands.  Sad face.

Other questions that dominate life include; why am I getting so many views on this blog?  Confused.   Painted section includes 6 Dreadball players and a regiment of Union 6mm infantry, which I’m counting as ‘1’ per strip of 4 mini-men, I’m over 300!

Painted: 309

Purchased:  441

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