Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Work In Progress........May 2015

The month started off well with decent enough weather for me to varnish and finish my Flames of War Brits aerial support – one typhoon complete with invasion markings, and not a bad looking effort if I say so myself.  I then proceeded to attack my British heavy mortars in a concerted effort to make them ready to take on Andy’s Jerrys in a pre-arranged games in the middle of the month.  6 bases of troops later and they were also done and I was fairly pleased with myself. 

At this point my good intentions took a bit of a battering.  Firstly Phil donated some troops.  A lot of British FOW troops in fact, and enough to put the kerbosh on my efforts at painting more than I have bought/gained – a further 60 figures were added to the lead pile, although many are already marked for sale to afford more relevant bits.  I also had a weak moment and purchased some plastic soldier company M5 halftracks that Paul at the club was selling off cheaply.  Overall 65 new models added, and a mere 7 more painted.

Purchased/gained: 136
Refreshed: 10
Painted: 66

I also discover somewhat of a painters block, with nothing appealing enough to make me want to sit down while exhausted in the evenings and take up the brush.  This may continue for some time I suspect, be prepared for short posts, if any at all!


  1. That was an interesting game though. Lots of cat and mouse with your Shermans hunting my last King Tiger, and all the while those bloomin mortars smoking my 88. A great game and the mortar teams looked excellent.

    Cheers, Andy

  2. It was indeed a good game; if that Tiger had bagged my last Firefly I think I'd have had to pull out on the basis that it deserved the victory - it was single-handedly holding off all of my armour, and only a very fortunate last shot disabled it! Hopefully such tactics will work on Dennis later.