Friday, 6 September 2013

Dreadball - The Carbis Bay Buccaneers!

I had a short and frank word with myself earlier this week, and decided that the name I had given my Dreadball Corporation team was, frankly, pants.  So pants I'm not even going to mention it.  So I’ve come up with one with much more originality, that sounds more interesting, and used the opportunity to plunder a couple of favourite pieces of fiction, although if anyone can guess BOTH I will be impressed….The owner remains the same, and with no further ado or guiding the lily, and with a colour photograph of the finished team and participants in this weeks Dreadball tournament, I give you……..

The Carbis Bay Buccaneers!

Their club owner is an eccentric mysterious individual of which little is known but much is rumoured, and is simply called Tiberius by his friends and team.  There is little record of his existence beyond 6 years ago, and he himself attributes his wealth to “a bit of adventuring”.

The Strikers: Dirk Pitt, ‘Mad Jack’ Dahlgren, Hector Barbossa, Jack Sparrow
The Jacks: Rudi Gunn, Will Turner, James Norrington, Joshamee Gibbs
The Guards: Al Giordino, ‘The Admiral’ James Sandecker

(Disclamer - This is a shocking photo which does not display the brilliance of my failings as a painter.  It will be replaced in due course).

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