Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Work In Progress........August 2014

This month I've spent most of my painting time on the 3 units (36 models in total) of Wars of the Roses bowmen and billmen.  The second bowmen unit has nearly finished the painting stage, and once that’s done I can move onto the Dipping, Flocking and Matt Spraying stage and my painted total will shoot up a bit further just in time for the end of my painting year.

In terms of gaming I actually missed 3 weeks in August due to a holiday in the Lake District, a social event on a Thursday evening at Chirk, and not arranging a game in time – for the latter I was also feeling a bit of gaming burnout/disinterest which comes over all of us at some point.  Fortunately a few weeks off and I’m rather keen to get back into the fray.  Before the time off I played Will at Carrcassone (a great board game, and one I will definitely get a copy of), and afterwards joined Aidan and Luke in trying out Gates Of Antares (Darleks vs humans!), and put in a late appearance at a good English Civil War game in Frodsham.

A slight alternation to my Purchased/Painted total due to Pete very kindly giving me 3 halftracks for my Flames of War Germans.  These, added to the number of seated personnel to go in the others, are being stored ready for a massed halftrack making session at some point.

Purchased: 27

Painted: 126

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