Monday, 25 March 2013

Work In Progress......The Scenery Special!

Some of the money made from selling copious amounts of Games Workshop models in the last 6 months or so went on, instead of more models, scenery.  For me the battlefield has to match the troops being deployed on it, or the imagine is lost and your just playing a game over a folding table covered in polystyrene and wood, rather than a battle through forests and villages.  With the English Civil War, Wars of the Roses, and finally Saga all in 28mm scale I decided to expand my collection of scenery, most specifically buildings (of which I had few/none), and it all got out of hand, costing me more than I had planned for, and pricing other things out of the plans (sorry Soviet troops for Bolt Action – your relegated to the back!).  I set out all the ‘new’ bits I’ve bought since going to York a month or so ago, and put some notes below.

Firstly the bits that I’ve done little/nothing too – the  roads and fences, both purchased in York.  The roads are quite nice, and have already appeared a few times in different games.  The fences are more fragile, being made of loose twigs, and I decided to paint a layer of pva glue on them to give them a sold feel, which has worked nicely.

The Dark Age Village & Butter Market – the three similar sized dark age houses were very much an impulse buy to go with the new Saga purchases, but I feel they would also be at home up to the English Civil War.  They are resin and came painted to ‘factory standard’, which I’m happy with.  The larger building with a hexagonal room is from the same company (on eBay), and is something I kept thinking about buying.  It came painted, and probably best fits in with the RGMB buildings set which is the same manufacturer and colour, but looks ok on my battlefields.  Again its resin.

Church – the white building with a primarily brown/orange roof is the 28mm church I wanted when we went to York.  It’s a wooden MDF kit from a company (not 4Ground) which was a sod to put together.  The white colour scheme is based upon a picture of the Norman church of St Bartholemew in Goodnestone.  The lack of a tower is actually handy because it could be planted in an ancients game as a Roman building as well, and the strength of the white colour on top of a grey undercoat came out very well.  The experience of painting from scratch a wooden building was not an enjoyable one, and needed a varnish undercoat, then a primer, then the paint.  It is mounted on a plasticard base to make it a better footprint shape, and link to the other buildings.

The town house and blacksmiths – two buildings that come ready painted from Conflix, and I’d had for a few years.  However, the paint job was at best ‘ok’, while they were becoming chipped and tatty (the blacksmiths was in 3 pieces and required a repair), so I hadn’t used them in a while.  They were both based on plasticard, then touched up with Vallejo paints to get a better effect and hide the damage, I think its come out well.  Both are resin buildings.

The ruins – also conflix I think, they come in plain grey with green flock on their bases.  Inspired by an example I saw at Deeside Defenders I painted up two rocky outcrops and a building, and added some flock as well, and overall they are much more realistic and have more life to them.  A basic form of resin.

The Medieval Cottage – a job I’m happy with; the Perry’s plastic cottage placed on a wooden base, and given a garden surrounded by fences and with an animal pen and a pig muddy bit (the pigs are still in their packets).  A few more touches (old GW bits) like the toadstools, a rat and the axe give it more character, and again its usable from Saga to ECW.

The Figures – touching on these briefly, all but the boy on the wheelbarrow (an old GW bretonnian) are Redoubt Enterprises figures.  The pastor, woman and 6 sheep were bought to add colour to ECW proceedings, and having already had a few outings I think they do that.  The camera isn’t kind to them, or a couple of the buildings, which I’m quite happy with the detail on.

I did want to add a river, but couldn’t find one I really liked.  Future scenery plans include expanding the amount of roads available, possibly at Triples in May, and some more fences/hedges.  I also have those pigs to finish!  Finishing the buildings (that needed it – the church, medieval cottage, town house and blacksmiths) takes me to the below total.

Purchased: 174
Painted: 106

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