Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Saga - Welsh Vs. Anglo-Danish

A quick scribble following a Saga game last night.  My Welsh took on Lukes Anglo-Danish (to be called the Danes after this), with Luke looking to gain a victory after a Bolt Action defeat earlier in the evening.  The scenario rolled up was 'The Challenge' once more, and after my triple defeat by the invincible Chris last week, with my warlord dying in every game, I was very wary!

Battle: Luke clearly shared my fears, with his hearthguard racing forwards to protect his warlord from possible Welsh foul play, with his warriors and levy not far behind.  My own hearthguard (or Teulu) were also first on the scene.  I had borrowed an extra 4 models from Luke to make an extra point with a second hearthguard unit, and they followed on.  One lot of Danish hearthguard came a cropper trying to assist their chief in leveling my Warlord (thank the gods for those 12 wounds!), while the second lot were ambushed nicely by some of my warriors after trying a similar trick unsuccessfully.  Two hearthguard units down for 2 models lost and it was going nicely!

Sadly Luke hadn't forgotten the Welsh vulnerability to missile fire and his levy used their slings to take down a unit of my hearthguard.  I countered with my warlord (who was starting to feel the effects of Lukes deliberately inflicted fatigue, and was also losing the game on wounds lost).  The Warlord caused a bit of damage, which was followed up by the warriors who had ambushed the hearthguard, and who now knocked the levy out of the game - 5 fatigue for them!  With his other hearthguard unit subject of a bit of a hit and run by my own Luke was left with his big warrior units to fend me off.  My other hearthguard bunch evaporated, but a bit of taunting cost the danes some warriors, and the last Danish warrior lot were caught from two sides and disintergrated, leaving the warlord standing with Welsh troops all around him and no friends!  He threw himself at my warlord, but the dice failed him and he bounced off.  It was left to my warriors to (just about) finish him off with a stab in the back with a javelin - classy.

Post-script: 4 points seems a bit small, you lose one unit and suddenly its a max of 4 Saga dice and your in trouble and unable to get your troops to do anything.  On this occasion I split my warriors up into 3 units (6,5 and 5) which gave me an extra dice and a bit more flexibility which suited the Welsh style.  Although this did leave them unable to get stuck in effectively against the bigger Danish warrior units of 8.  I think a couple more purchases to take it up to 6 Welsh points will be needed.  The Danish levy once more gave me a nasty scare due to my poor (non-existent) armour, but at least my warlord didn't embarrass himself too much this time, partly due to Lukes dice failing at critical moments, especially his Saga dice not enabling him to get the killer combinations Chris was using against me last week.

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