Sunday, 17 March 2013

Work In Progress.....

Lets make this brief, I’m thinking of getting some work done on some buildings tonight!  As noted in my Saga post my Welsh are complete following a period of sustained painting, that also saw me finish my 6 sheep, a pastor and a female figure, plus a small child with a catapult, for giving character to games in 28mm scale.  Also done are two rocky outcrops (small) and a resin building. This has improved my purchased/painted ratio no end:

Purchased: 174
Painted: 102

The remaining models have also arrived from Redoubt Enterprises; primarily civil war boosters, although also with some pigs, a couple of Ox to pull my 4Ground cart and a tavern owner to kick Lord Flasheart out every so often.  Next up I’m looking to put some time into painting up a couple of old Conflix buildings that will suit the Wars of the Roses onwards in 28mm scale, and perhaps the Norman church as well, although that is from scratch in terms of painting so is a bit hit and miss whether I actually get round to it.  After that I’m not sure, I’ll probably have to wait and see if any particular project appeals.

One day I might get another job and all this will grind to a halt.  Again. 

The last Redoubt Enterprises order - a group of ECW officers around a table, the pigs, ox, cart, piper and tavern owner.

The Welsh - pre basing and matt spray, sheep and pastor to the right.

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