Thursday, 8 November 2012

Work In Progress........

The non-existent painted vs purchased ratio hasn't lasted long - I've gone and bought something.  I took a trip up to Brimstage with the aim of getting a few painted and some flock to make my Wars Of The Roses bits stand out, and by the time I had arrived I was pretty much decided to buy a Royalist infantry boxed set to enable me to finish off my Royalist shotte sleeves which needed some boosting to reach the new size of 12 men per sleeve.

There are 24 musketeers in the box, and I'm going to combine them with my renegade spares (who up to this point have been shamming around pretending to be a Forlorn Hope) to create 6 new bases of 4 men apiece. There is also 16 pikemen in the box, although what (if anything) I'm going to do with them I'm not sure.  Overall the price vs. getting more musketeers from elsewhere came out well so I went for them.

On a negative note I was disappointed at Brimstage.  I've been a number of times before and enjoyed having a look round and the atmosphere - indeed I could have bought what I picked up online and saved the petrol but took a run out with my wife and bio-titan/son for the enjoyment of shopping there.  Having been in a few seconds my wife was asked to not let my son touch the models in a not particularly subtle or pleasant way, and felt so uncomfortable that they left almost immediately to look elsewhere.  I stayed, found the bits I was after and went to pay for them, only to feel that I was actually a hassle for wanting to buy something when they were busy.  I was the only customer the whole time, wasn't spoken too while in the shop, and a 'goodbye' just about followed me as I was exiting.

Conclusion; having been there before I can only assume that the proprietor was having a stressful off-day, and wasn't their usual self, and they were busy unpacking deliveries.  However, having made the trip up (a fair distance from home) to leave feeling like that means I'll probably stick to online and elsewhere rather than travel up again.  This won't stop me buying stuff at wargamestore online if the price is right, and their variety of stock is brilliant.  But as a walk-in customer I'm staying away.

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