Monday, 12 November 2012

Work In Progress....

Yes, another one.  Firstly the update to the painted/purchased numbers which I failed to do last time.

From 1/10/2012:
Painted: 0
Purchased: 40

And even worse for the purchased figures I have bought some models online from Redoubt Enterprises.  Only a few this time; some sheep and a couple of character figures to add some life to our 17th century battlefields.  If they are good enough quality then I might get a few more, there is a particularly good looking coach, some pack horses and a giblet!  In terms of funds to buy all these bits I had previously made £43 from selling bits at the club (an underwhelming total), but have my Battlefleet Gothic online on eBay, and remain hopeful that it will go for a few £'s.  So far I have spent £48, so I need the income to balance the books!

On the actual painting and modelling front I have finished the painting part of the 16 pikemen that make up Hopton's pike block, as well as the figure on horseback that represents Lord Flasheart himself, and I'm holding them back while I finish some more troops so I can do an en-mass Dip process.  I have also rebased/made an additional 40 musketeers, 24 of which are based in 4's so they can make up the numbers for my foote regiments musket sleeves from the current 8 men to the needed 12.  The rest are based individually to be broken into two lots of 8 men to represent two small dragoon units on foot.  They await sand on their bases, and spray painting.

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