Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Work In Progress.....

Bit of a work in progress report; I've not actually finished anything, so we'll start with the total for the year:

From 1/10/2012:
Painted: 0
Purchased: 0

Instead the focus has been on several projects.
Firstly the Wars of the Roses troops, which I have made, based and spray painted three units of (two lots of 12 archers and one lot of 12 billmen).  I have some more troops for this period, but they are waiting for me to acquire more men to enable me to make full units.  I have also got to finalise my colour scheme for the army.
The second project is the continuation of my Royalists, and I am currently working on the paint job of the 16 pikemen in Hopton's regiment, and Lord Flasheart himself.  It will be a while until anything can be declared finished because I want to do a fair number of troops before going to the trouble of getting the Dip out for them.  There is also the prospect of another English Civil War campaign at the RGMB, and I have dropped far behind Red, Aidan and Michael in terms of troop numbers and paint job!
Thirdly and finally I have decided to sell a fair few models to fund further purchases, including two Epic 40k armies, my Battlefleet Gothic and some 40k pieces.  Having taken the lot down to the club last night I only managed to make a paltry £43, not enough to even fund the WOTR at the moment.  eBay beckons!

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