Monday, 22 October 2012

Work In Progress - 2011-12 Review

I've just remembered that my tally for painted vs. purchased models was started on the 1st of October 2011, and as such I have passed the annual point without a final update!  That could be because very little has happened since I finished the Romans back in May 2012.

The final total stands at:
Painted - 246
Purchased - 152

So overall a very good result.  The purchased numbers were boosted by an extra 46 due to some Wars of the Roses purchases at Tripples, with the Romans fulfilling the rest of the sequence, and a box of Royalist horse in there too.  In terms of painted models again its 170 Romans in there - a whole army - along with two English Civil War regiments and some artillery and an officer.  I also found time to painted up a 15mm farm, some hills and some more tree bases, as well as fixing a number of trees to expand my scenery collection.  I also purchased a new carry case and enough foam to carry and store my Romans, Royalists and Flames Of War collection in from Figures In Comfort.

The first two thirds of the year were very good from a modeling and painting point of view, partly due to the amount of free time I had available.  I found a real enthusiasm to complete my Romans, and the Winter Of Discontent ECW campaign at the RGMB helped with the Royalists.  The last third from June onwards was more of a disaster because my work/life balance took a massive hit from a new job that didn't work out due to the length of the commute.

For the Future: Key factors are influencing the wargaming outlook fro 2012-13, mainly the financial restrictions which mean my purchasing power is weaker than the Liverpool forward line.  This means whatever I'm doing has to be unbelievably cheap, funded by sales, and preferably using models already in my collection.  With this in mind the immediate drive is towards the Wars of the Roses,which I've found to be of interest and I'm currently trying to make my box of 40 Perry miniatures men-at-arms and archers.  After that my Royalists need attention and flags!

So, starting again from 1/10/12 for 2012-13:
Painted: 0
Purchased: 0

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