Sunday, 21 October 2012

Average Joes - The Rats Rise Again - Part 5

Build up to the Quarter Finals:

Although no final group stage table has been forthcoming we do know the line-up for the knockout stages of the the Deeside Defenders 2012 Bloodbowl tournament.  At this point the competition divides into two parts, with the lower teams fighting it out for the Little Cup, and the main Bloodbowl 2012 Cup being contested by the top 8 teams.  Average Joes success means they enter the main cup, and will face a familiar opponent in the form of Dave Winter's Norse team Lakhti Longships.

The teams meet in the first round of the season, with 'Joes running out 3-0 winners, in a scoreline that flattered them, and a game characterised by poor Norse luck.  With 3 games played since then (although only 2 by 'Joes) they will be an altogether tougher proposition this time around, and that is without taking into account Average Joes notoriously poor luck in the knockout stages of competitions!

Teams News:

One of 'Joes key players; gutter runner Pepper Brooks, misses the game with broken ribs after an unfortunately fall into the crowd in their last outing against the Ungrateful Dead.  It may be replaced by a linerat before the kickoff to ensure the number of players remains at lucky 13.  Benedict, the newly acquired rat ogre, is fit to play, as is star rat; The Rat, who currently has 18 start player points and 5 touch downs to its name.

The Full Draw:

Bloodbowl 2012 Cup:
Paddy's Norse v Dave Mc Clumpha's Undead - early result 2-1 victory to the Norse
Little Si's Chaos v Ian Hendrie's Human
William Baldwin's Orcs v Grant's Dark Elves
Dave Winter's Norse v Rick's Skaven

The Little Cup
Ian Shaw's Skaven v  James ?
Dafydd's Humans v David Astbury High Elves
Paddy's halflings v Peter D's Undead.

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