Friday, 12 October 2012

Declaring For The King - Part 4

The 10th of May was the last time my Royalists saw daylight and a battlefield, and you have to go back to the 11th of February for Part 3 of this thread on how I'm doing building them.  Warning: I'm fairly tired and what follows may be quite disjointed!

There has been a general lack of activity due to a lack of time, and a total lack of energy and enthusiasm for gaming as a whole.  Since my last non-Bloodbowl match (and there have only been 2 of those) back in June - also the last time I showed up at the RGMB - I been travelling and working and doing not alot else.  Having run myself into the ground I suddenly have some time off and some space in my head for gaming and my attention has been taken by my English Civil War troops once more.  This may also be prompted by the memory of the ECW campaign at the club which is now a whole year ago!

I haven't managed to buy the Pike & Shotte rulebook from Warlord games yet, although Amazons offer of £19.50 is tempting, due to lack of funds (paid job - petrol = 0 on the gaming funds front).  I had thought my army was finished in terms of models, although it has dropped behind most of the RGMB's clubs players in size now (Aidan, Red and Michael's armies all now outnumber my troops, and Luke's may also have reached that point if they could work out which way the exit from his loft is).  However, following the last couple of games I wasn't so impressed with the vision painted.  While my pike blocks looked the part, the musketeer 'sleeves' looked quite small (8 men/models), especially when compared to Michael's swedes (12 men) and Red's troops larger (10 man), so I've decided to expand them to this size, a task which is going to cost money (damn) and time (double damn).  For this I will have to go back to renegade I think, otherwise the figures won't match the pike blocks, although this would cost me £24 while warlord plastics would cost me less (£20) for pikemen included.  Hmm.  Do prefer the renegade models between the two.  Hmm.

Anyway, I may eventually get to paint some bits of the massed unpainted horde - Aidan and Michaels armies putting me to shame, and even Red's is catching up.  A couple of pictures are below, bottom one with the shotte sleeves expanded to 12 men rather than 8, and Ben's knights launching a sneak attack on my pikemen with the assistance of my own forlorn hope.

Edit: Forgot I actually played a couple of games against Aidan last month, one Boltaction and one FOW, but don't remember much of either except it went badly for my Germans (the commuting is taking its toll on my focus and memory!).

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