Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Ricks Big(ish) Sale!

I’ve come to the conclusion that firstly I need to sell to be able to buy more models, and secondly that I’m simply not using a lot of my collection, and haven’t used much of it in over 3 years!  As such I’m selling a fair bit, including Chaos Space Marines and Imperial Guard for 40k, and Battlefleet Gothic and Epic 40k for smaller scales.  I might get onto the warhammer bits another time.  I’ve included a list of the its below, email me if you’ve questions/offers, I’ve stuck a few pictures of some of the bits towards the bottom, but can take closer shots or bring them to the club on a Tuesday.  I’m hoping someone can find a good use for them before I have to resort to Ebay.

The List:

Chaos Space Marines (classic models - painted):
Abaddon the despoiler
Chaos marine with heavy bolter
Chaos marine with meltagun
Chaos marine with flamer
10 chaos marines with bolters
1 chaos marine with power claw and bolter
1 chaos marine with powerfist and chainsword
8 chaos marines with allsorted close combat weaponry, primarily boltpistols and chainswords
8 terminators (various weaponry including one reaper autocannon and a heavy flamer
Chaos lord in terminator armour with poweraxe and meltagun 

Imperial Guard:
Valkyrie – new in box!
2 x Baslisk, one painted, one undercoated
2 Leman Russ
1 Hellhound
5 Ogryns (converted by a better hand than I from Ogres)
10 ratling snipers
3 mordian iron guard lascannon teams (classics)
2 Classic metal Cadian squads – painted, flamer and sergeant in each
2 plastic catachan squads – one painted, flamer and sergeant in each
Classic metal cadian mortar team

Epic 40k:
Imperator Titan
2 x Reaver Titans
2 x warhound scout titans
6 x Baslisks
2 x manticores
3 x hydra AA guns
12 x Leman Russ battle tanks
3 x baneblades
1 x Leviathan
3 x Thunderbolt fighters
3 Ratling bases
3 Ogryn bases
6 Rough rider bases
13 cadian bases
12 heavy weapon bases
8 other assorted infantry bases
Load of scenery
Rules set – original Epic 40k including markers etc

Bag of classic goffs and gretchin.

Battlefleet Gothic (Imperial bits painted):
Book & markers (the game essentially, but without the shiny box)
4 Imperial battlecruisers
1 Dauntless light cruiser
4 Sword frigates
4 Cobra destroyers
Assorted ork ships

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