Friday, 25 May 2012

Work In Progress.........

Over 20 days since the last work in progress report, which means I had better write something!  Oh, but there is no progress, bugger.

With the spare time this month taken up by job interviews (including presentation prep), and Nebosh H&S work the wargaming aspect has been restricted to a few actual games (shocking or what), but no modelling or painting, so instead a quick word about whats on the painting table because thats more interesting.

Several bits are hanging around at the moment, the most painted of which are Talbots pike - a pike block from my English Civil War Royalist army which are waiting for me to finish them.  There are also several 28mm Napoleonic Frenchmen who are guinea pigs for my first use of a new spray (army painter: US Armour, I was looking for a dark-ish brown, jury still out), and finally still on the sprues are the Wars of the Roses figures I purchased at Tripples.  Of the three the WoTR figures are most likely to be worked upon I think due to their fresh, new appeal.  

One other big task completed was the re-packing of all the wargaming stuff in the garage back into boxes in expectation of a house move once more to be nearer my new job, so anything thats not already out is now locked away.

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