Friday, 11 May 2012

Work In Progress.........

Tonight I've painted something for the first time in while, so thought I'd celebrate with a work in progress post.  The months been spent working on my health and safety Nebosh course, writing application forms, and latterly compiling and delivering presentations at an interview (fingers crossed there).  

In wargaming terms the Romans are finished, as per a previous post.  I actually got my act together and painted the 24 models from the 1st cohort, the 6 of the auxiliary cavalry unit, and the 3 figures that made up my general on his big base.  Surprisingly it all came together very quickly and easily, I had thought it would be hard going finishing the last few bits.  With those done the Painted Vs. Purchase ratio is looking good:

Painted - 246
Purchased - 106

After those were done the painted tailed off in favour of gaming.  A few Flames of War punch-ups took place, including the big game with Phil from Deeside (German victory of course), my first game in the Deeside Bloodbowl tournament ended in a 3-0 victory against Dave Winter, and with the release of Warlord games ECW suppliment; Pike & Shotte, I got a couple of games in with my Royalists.

That is the catalyst for this evenings painting, which was some work on the last renegade miniatures pike block; 16 models, 4 to a base.  I'm also thinking of doing some FOW German bits, but undecided which ones so far.  The Painted/Purchased ratio may take a hit this month with a trip to a wargaming show for the first time in over 2 years - Tripples in Sheffield on the 19th of May.

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