Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Work In Progress......

Been a while, and truth be told not a tremendous amount of work has been done any particular project especially quickly, but slowly, slowly something has happened.
  • Firstly on the English Civil War front; the box of Warlord horse that I purchased for my Royalists have been built, and now sit happily on my table, blissfully unaware that they are far from even being spray painted.  However they do appear to blend in ok with the Renegade horse (which is, as everyone knows, superhuman sized), so they nicely complete my plans for the Royalists.
  • Secondly on the Flames of War front; no news, although with the arrival of Vers. 3 of the rules, and having played a couple of games recently I may get round to some work on that late war armour.  Or not.
  • Thirdly on the Napoleonic front; no news whatsoever.
  • Fourthly on the Roman front; good news!  I decided to start painting the slingers, and have now finished all 16 of them, all three bolt throwers (Scorpians), six (50% of) my cavalry and my other Tribune character.  The last two bolt throwers being finished this evening.  All now await the dip process, followed by the flock process and the varnish process.
  • Fifthly on the transport front; Having grown sick and tired of my FOW troops being mashed by my carry case, and being too afraid to try and take my painted Romans or ECW troops anywhere, I’ve decided to invest some savings in a Figures in Comfort carry case.  I’ve also ordered a bunch of additional foam trays so I can just swap in and out the models I need each time and not have to pack/unpack troops each time I want to move them.  In theory I should have enough foam to move either the Romans, or ECW or FOW at a moments notice.  Never thought I’d get genuinely excited about foam, but I’m really looking forward to its arrival this week.  Just hope I’ve got the measurements right or its going to be a very expensive disaster……
  • Sixthly and finally on the job front; I handed my keys in and departed EH and Beeston today quite happily, leaving it in the hands of a man who makes me feel (and look) clever, poor soul.  Enough sympathy, he’s a useless idiot.  So it’s on to job hunting, with just one ‘pot’ in the fire so far, but it’s a long shot so I’m not broadcasting it.  There is a side benefit to being made redundant, apart from the pay-off, and that’s the present I was given, pictures below, it is genuinely genius!  Makes me want to design 20mm wargames rules to match airfix models….  

Signing off, pictures when the Romans are done, and another game of FOW coming tomorrow night.

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