Saturday, 11 February 2012

Work In Progress....

I spent some of my gains from selling models (chaos space marines so it's acceptable) on a Warlord box of royalist ECW horse today. The £18 they cost leaves me with £20 remaining and a free listing weekend on eBay coming up. It also gave me the moral high ground of supporting my 'local' store at Brimstage while I also picked up the FOW 3rd Ed set of rules for free (unbelievable to someone whose been buying GW for years!).

These 12 worthies will finish my horse wing of my royalist army, which I've decided to split neatly into two, with 4 horse units in one brigade, and 4 foot units in the other. Added to the 4 brumbarrs and extra auxiliary horseman I was given last week and the purchased vs painted today looks as below:

Purchased - 106
Painted - 180

So still quite good, and with 20 Romans of various guises nearly finished base painting its looking ok.

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