Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Work In Progress....

A work in progress update, although that should perhaps be a lack of work in progress this time.

My current aim is to complete my remaining 16 slingers for my roman army, along with a mounted officer and a scorpion catapult. A lack of time and enthusiasm has slowed work to a crawl however, and tonight is the first time ive managed to put some time and effort into them, although they all remain unfinished. All are undercoated in brown, and most have skin and some other extra bits done.

In other news a very generous friend has given me the mounted auxiliary to make my general more impressive, as well as a platoon of four FOW brumbarrs. I've also managed to make an extra £38 for use modelling by selling chaos marines on eBay. Finally the 3rd ed FOW book should be available this week, and I'm hoping to pick it up on Friday, and may follow this up with a purchase of Grey Wolf; the late war lists for the Axis.

That's all folks.

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