Saturday, 11 February 2012

Declaring for the King - Part 3

A quick nod towards my Royalists and an update on my plans for them.  This is brought about by my purchase of a box of warlord horse, which I hope to use to bring my number of horse regiments up to 3 standard and 1 small.

Reorganisation - During the final battle of the ‘Winter of Discontent’ campaign I fielded just my infantry, with a total of 4 regiments of foot and two artillery pieces being lead by Lord Flasheart.  This often lead to my troops moving little or not at all once I’d failed my first command roll, however, using such big regiments felt true to the whole Blackpowder rules set, and I heartily enjoyed it!  This is compared to the usual 2 regiments and a cannon per brigade.

As such I’ve decided to scale down my middle-management (ironic when that’s the reason I’m soon to be unemployed) and field two brigades in games.  The first will be of my four foot regiments and two artillery pieces (plus possibly the forlorn hope), and the second of the 3-4 horse regiments.  This will leave me with a spare officer who could prove useful for scenario purposes.

Future modelling plans - With the extra horsemen in the fold I’ve decided to limit my army to the models already purchased, and aim to complete that in terms of painting.  Only the new horsemen need making, but only two regiments of foot and the artillery are painted.  Given the current focus on job hunting and Romans it could be a while before I begin painting again.  Might even have the ECW Blackpowder book by then!

Total models:  197
Painted:  74

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