Friday, 3 July 2015

Work In Progress........June 2015

As predicted last month my painting has dropped off the deep end.  Having finished enough Brits for my Flames of War army to be competitive and interesting I lost enthusiasm for painting more, and various other calls upon my time meant my hopes of adding to my English Civil War Royalists didn’t get beyond the modelling stage.  I did get as far as Phalanx in St Helens for the first time, taking the Bio-Titan along with me for his first taste of a wargaming show.  He lasted around 45 minutes, which was about as long as I expected, before getting bored and wanting to go home.  He left very pleased with himself with a box of the Perry’s new Army of England (Agincourt and all that) plastics, which we subsequently made a number of after we got home.

I personally picked up a box of Warlord Royalist horse to add another regiment and some more dragoons to my army, as well as a Warlord Falconet, some Assault Group musketeers to boost my dragoon numbers, another 4Ground powder cart to increase my supply train, and a foam tray or two for my Brits to live in.  Finally I briefly met up with Red who had picked up a mounted welsh warlord for my Saga troops for me at Salute.  In the days following this I managed to make all of the above, and quite enjoyed doing so, but they have remained plastic coloured.


In gaming news I’m running a Flames of War Operation Market Garden campaign which started well with campaign turn one having a decent turn out, more on that when I get time to write it up.


To break it down its 12 horsemen, 1 powder wagon, 4 musketeers and 1 warlord, so an additional 18 models to the unpainted horde.

Purchased/gained: 154
Refreshed: 10
Painted: 66

Plans for July – play football.  ECW at Gauntlet.  Flames of War Market Garden campaign round 2.  And maybe undercoat some Royalists.  Maybe.

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