Thursday, 9 July 2015

Dreadball - Bucaneers Reach Cup Final!

This being a short report wherein the Carbis Bay Bucaneer’s reached their first ever cup final at the expense of a nameless corporation side.  Coached by Dafydd, The Corporation got off to the worst possible start in the semi-final, losing the away leg 7-0 within the fastest possible time of three turns.  Bucaneers’ star turn Dirk Pitt sped away from the starting blocks to make it 4-0 instantly, with a new, more physical, side of the home team on show as guard ‘Admiral’ Sandecker eliminated one of the away sides guards early on.  The Corporation could only reply with a 1pt strike, and with Sandecker on a rampage a clear path to the strike hex was opened and ‘Mad Jack’ Dalhgren scored his sides second 4pt strike for an 8-0 whitewash.  Hector Barbossa was generously named Man Of The Match for warming the bench.

Onto the away leg and this was a much closer affair as The Corporation side put in a strong performance in front of their own fans.  A double team on Sandecker saw them open the scoring, with Bucaneers players Jack Sparrow and Mr Gibbs already in the treatment room.  Hector Barbossa clawed back enough points to make it 0-0 once more as Sandecker launched himself back into the game with a revenge hit.  The home side still managed to bag a second 4pt strike of the game, and after Pitt missed an easy 3pointer it started to look a bit ominous for the visitors, no more so than when Pitt had to be carried from the pitch straight to the ambulance following a particularly vicious guard double team.  The corporation side couldn’t find the 3 pointer needed to take the tie to extra time, and  Barbossa came to the rescue again with another 3pointer.  This was the closest the home side got, and after they had added an extra 2 points to the board Jack Sparrow leapt up with his own 3 pointer to make it 0-0 and banish the possibility of a 7-0 defeat for the away side.  With time ticking away, and the corporation side 3-0 up again, it was left to Sparrow to snatch the victory with a 4 point strike that won the game for the Bucaneers 1-0.  They march on to their first cup final against Marks Plague Bearers side - a rematch of their first game of the season where they played the Veer-myn and won convincingly twice.  A cup final is a much different occasion however.

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