Friday, 3 May 2013

Work In Progress.......April 2013

I’m thinking of switching the work in progress post to once month, that’s seems to make more sense!  As such here is the Work In Progress report for the month of April, and with much excitement building over the prospect of a large English Civil War game at the Deeside Defenders show of Gauntlet on Sunday the 7th July I’m unsurprisingly focusing on painting a few more of my Royalists.  My mathematics says that I will have had to paint a total of 130 Royalist models by that date, including all my dragoons (28 figures mounted and unmounted), all my horse (32 mounted figures), a regiment of foote and plenty of extras on top.  To that end I’ve been working on the regiment of foote, and my supply units this month, with the result that I’ve finished painting (although not Dipping, flocking or varnishing) the following:
16 pikemen (Talbots foote)
A cart pulled by 2 oxen with a barrel load (counts as 4 models)
A supply unit of musketeers and donkeys (9 models)
4 pigs
1 farmer
1 tavern owner

The musketeers for Talbots foote, all 24 of them, are currently on the painting table and in need of their muskets, hair and hats doing before a general tidy up and they will be finished.  Once they are done I will have 59 models ready for some Dipping, flocking and varnishing, and can move onto the next bunch.  What the next bunch will be I’m not 100% sure as yet, the horse have been sitting very unpainted for a long time, so I will probably turn my attentions to a couple of regiments of them, as well as my section of ECW command which will provide a nice distraction

In other distracting news I took the leap and placed an order with Baccus (creaters of 6mm models) for some American Civil War troops, more about those in another post, but enough to say here that I’m doing a small (!) sideline in an infantry battalion and cannon battery for them to break up the ECW figures.  So far I’ve finished one base (40mm by 20mm, and with 16 infantry men on) to test the colours out on, they seem to have gone ok so far.  I’ve also applied some flock to the bases of my two Battlefront ponds to give them some ‘life’ and colour, they certainly look better for it, although quite how the tiny bag of flock that came with them was supposed to achieve the same look I’ve no idea!

Talbots musketeers, the supply train, and some pigs!

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