Monday, 27 May 2013

Ricks Great English Civil War Painting Quest - Part 2

Time for a Royalist Update.  Its been a while, and the last two months I have been fairly busy in my spare time painting as many Royalists in a semi-organised way so I will be able to use them at the Deeside Gauntlet show on the 7th July.  With the ECW game organiser, Dave, striving for high standards of presentation (and also of entertainment and bizarre shouting) I realised that anything not completely painted was going to miss out completely, and set too with a will.

I broke my large pile of models into three main sections; the foote (a foote regiment – Talbots – of 40 models), the horse (4 horse regiments and their CO – 33 models – possibly the most challenging), and the dragoons (28 models, mounted and dismounted), with the remaining models for the command and supply units to be stuck in wherever possible.  I had three months to do all this painting, and so the split into 3 achievable chunks seemed logical. 

I chose the foote to do first as Aprils chunk, partly because they already had a lot of paint on them so looked like a quick start, and I added in the supply units and the civilians (pigs and a farmer) for a total of 59 models.  These were just about finished at the beginning of May, with the Dipping process done around the 5-6th.  In May I got a sudden unexpected urge and enthusiasm to work on the horse.   This died out around three quarters of the way through, but I’ve finished them with 4 days to spare, along with my officer command scene, and their CO on his white horse.  In truth they still need the final spray of matt varnish but the weather has turned damp so I’m not risking it yet, no rush.

That leaves the third chunk of the dragoons, who have acquired a few more models to the foot elements (my efforts to find a couple of musketeers holding horses to give them character failed at Triples – waiting on Empress Miniatures later this year I think).  There are also a number more hangers on, with a number of civilians purchased, an officer, and I’ll be ordering the oxen and a cannon limber to transport my Saker, and to finish a third supply unit – two looks good, but three should finish it off.  I’ve also a fortress gatehouse to paint for Chester city walls. 

Plenty done, and plenty to get on with, and I’ve included a few shots, plus a ‘whats left’ shot at the bottom.

Models Finished: 92
To be done: 48

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